Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Herbal Remedy:Weak Erection of Penis

WEAK ERECTION OF PENIS:This could be as a result of other sickness, e.g Pile or the Penis is functioning below capacity.

Herbal remedy for Pile: To get the best result, first of all treat the pile.There are two type of pile, Internal and External.

TREATMENT FOR INTERNAL PILE: Get some papaw leaves, Scent leave(Nchanwu in Ibo) Effirin in Yoruba) and bitter leave, squeeze with water and add lime orange.
Dosage: Take 1glass two times daily.

TREATMENT FOR EXTERNAL PILE:Rub scent leaves between your palm until it form a ball, use it to push the protruding internal covering of the anus blood vessel. Leave it in the rectum overnight. It will shrink back gradually. Continue until your are relieved of the pile.

HERBAL REMEDY FOR WEAK ERECTION OF THE PENIS:Boil at least 10 big white bulb of onions, squeeze out the juice and filter it. Mix the juice with equal quantity of pure honey. Stir and boil the mixture. Remove and preserve in a clean bottle.
Dosage: Take two table spoon twice daily.

QUICK EJACULATION:This is situation whereby a Man is unable to satisfy his partner due to reaching orgasm very quickly.
HERBAL REMEDY FOR QUICK EJACULATION: 1.Squeeze bitter leave into 75litres Ragolis bottle add two bottle of small stout, keep for 3 days to ferment.
Dosage Take one glass cup twice daily for one week. Try to avoid sugary foods throughout this period.
2.Get 2 handful of okro seed and one big okro, slice the okro and put all into 1 big bottle and fill with GIN or Soda water. Leave for 24 hours to ferment. Take one shot before meal 3 times daily for two weeks.

HERBAL REMEDY FOR LOW SPERM COUNT: Get some quantity of guava leaves, squeeze and add 5 glass of warm water. A full glass should be taken for five consecutive days after which enough carrot should be eaten( the small type).

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